Diego de La Vega Coffee Co-op launches CSA

The Diego de la Vega Coffee Co-op is running a not for profit CSA which will bring its members 1 pound of zapatista coffee each month. We'd like to bring a lot more but we only have capacity to cover the coffee needs of 30 members, so if interested in joining, we advice you to let us know soon! The fee includes a subscription to the Sabotage Tlacatlaolli Variable alternate reality game.

The Diego de la Vega CSA was launched on June 11th, 2016, as part of the projects commissioned by The Vera List Center for Art and politics and A Blade of Grass in response to the Art and social Justice Working Group: http://www.veralistcenter.org/engage/event/2007/projects-ae-celebrating-the-art--social-justice-working-group-/

For more info and to book us for coffee catering at your demonstrations, events, meetings: coffee@diegodelavega.nyc