The Diego de la Vega Coffee Co-op offers organic coffee sourced locally in Chiapas from Zapatista autonomous farms Yachil Xojobal. Cups of coffee can be traded for alternative currency, barter, and time deposits (as well, as voluntary money donations).

Our goal is to connect anti-capitalist social movements in New York City with their pairs in Chiapas to create a horizontal financial flow between them.

Contact us for more info and to book us for coffee catering at your demonstrations, events, meetings, etc.

Baristas: Gabriela Ceja + Fran Ilich (Founder).

Previous Artists-in-Residence: Jaime Estefes (2016). Gabriela Ceja (2014-2015).


Phone number: In New York City: +1 (917) 676-6858

Mail address (please send letters and packages to):
941 Jerome ave apt 4C. Bronx, NY 10452. USA